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Missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift out of place. The result can be increased tension when biting, increased pain during chewing, or even the impairment of speech. However, when you visit Tribeca Smiles and have a private consultation with Dr. Frederick Solomon, you will be happy to discover that the solution to this issue is easily bridged with a bridge. This is a group of teeth bonded together to fill in the space created by your missing teeth. After the installation of such a device, that annoying gap will be gone and your teeth will no longer shift. The bridges crafted at Tribeca Smiles are constructed from advanced, top-quality, medical-grade porcelain to give you the natural, blended look you are looking for and can replace up to five teeth in a row.

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Many people with missing teeth mistakenly think that it’s just a cosmetic issue and don't consider the consequences giant gaps between the teeth can have on their oral health. The fact is, your mouth is a carefully balanced ecosystem and when you are missing teeth, the results affect the functioning of your mouth as well as your overall health. Bridges require surrounding teeth to be strong enough to support the restoration, sufficient jawbone density, and the absence of gum disease. If any of these are an issue, there are other options to explore.

What To Expect

As with any dental treatment, Dr. Solomon will start with x-rays and casts of your teeth. Assuming your jaw and teeth are up to the task of supporting a bridge, and you don’t need a root canal on a neighboring tooth, the procedure can begin. The first step is to numb the area in question. After that, the teeth are filed down and carefully reshaped to the needed size to make room for the bridge. This can take an hour or more to get just right. Then another mold is made of the area and sent to the lab for manufacturing of the bridge. You will go home with a temporary bridge to cover the area. When the porcelain bridge comes in from the laboratory, you will return to our office at a separate appointment to have it fitted and the temporary bridge will be removed.


After Dr. Solomon has cemented the new bridge into place, he will work with you to make sure it lines up with your bite. He will show you how to maintain it and clean the underside, which is crucial. You can expect to eat and chew more efficiently. You will be expected to brush twice a day, floss under the bridge as well as in between your natural teeth, and keep follow-up visits with Dr. Solomon for regular cleanings. Maintaining a dialogue with Dr. Solomon is important so you can stay on top of any changes or concerns.

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We think you deserve nothing less than the best when it comes to dental restorations. So, if you’ve been thinking about a bridge or would like to talk about having an older bridge replaced, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be here for you.