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Information About Restorative Dentistry Services

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A dental or porcelain crown will reestablish a natural-looking form and proper functionality of your teeth when you are missing one or more teeth.

Instead of crowns or bridges, Dr. Solomon can surgically place a single or multiple dental implants into the jawbone for longer-lasting restorations.

Dental bridges provide a restorative dental solution for filling in tooth gaps from missing teeth and prevent your remaining teeth from shifting.

Full-mouth reconstruction can correct genetic disorders and complex issues involving all or multiple missing teeth, a degenerated jawbone, or trauma.

At Tribeca Smiles, we pride ourselves in our root canal procedures, and want our patients to know the quality care that goes into having a root canal.

We use tooth-colored fillings or composites that will blend naturally with your teeth. We can also replace old metal fillings from previous cavities.