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Information About Periodontics Services

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Bone grafting is required for patients seeking dental implants who have deficiencies in the jawbone to strengthen the site for new tooth restorations.

Periodontic treatments can help save your gums from infection, disease, bone loss, and extensive surgical treatments.

Crown lengthening can remove excess gum tissue to eliminate a "gummy smile," or prepare a tooth that needs less gum covering the surface for a crown.

All the cosmetic dentistry performed on your teeth will not look their best if the gums are receded. Gum grafting can remedy an unattractive gumline.

With a sinus lift surgery or a sinus augmentation, the sinus floor will be raised so that dental implants can be placed more effectively in the jaw.

Patients who have moderate gum disease should consider having scaling and root planing treatments before it enters into a severe stage of gum disease.