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Do you want exceptionally white teeth? Of course you do! Everyone wants a glowing smile. Sometimes it’s to relieve a lifetime of self-consciousness you may have felt from a smile that’s not as bright as you’d like. Otherwise, you may have a big event coming up, such as a wedding, job interview, or graduation. Whatever the reason, you can’t go wrong trusting your teeth to general and cosmetic dentist Dr. Frederick Solomon and his teeth whitening techniques at Tribeca Smiles in New York, NY. We use the KöR Whitening System, which provides a proprietary dual-activated, tri-barrel hydremide peroxide formulation and delivery system. KöR Whitening is widely known for providing one of the most effective whitening systems that dramatically and rapidly penetrates tooth microstructures and gives you incredible results. 

Best Candidates

If you’d like that gorgeous smile you’ve always dreamed of, Dr. Solomon will be happy to assess you with a free, 15-minute consultation. Ideal candidates for the KöR Whitening system have good, strong teeth, even if they are discolored. Typically, a comprehensive dental exam is also needed to be sure there are no other dental issues, which should be addressed first. If you have severe tooth decay, significant damage to your teeth or wear long-term appliances (such as a bridge), your eligibility for the process will have to be assessed for your own health. However, many patients are considered to be excellent candidates for the process and discover that the KöR Whitening System is the perfect answer to their teeth whitening needs.

What To Expect

The painless procedure normally involves 2 – 3 visits to Tribeca Smiles, during which your teeth will be lightened by several shades with a specialized laser. It’s common to achieve several shades of whitening after three applications per visit. The first step is a professional cleaning, which can also contribute to whitening. This removes plaque buildup and calculus accumulation from your teeth and will allow you to get better results. Impressions of your teeth will then be made to create take-home trays, which will allow you to make sure the whitening gel is evenly applied for at-home touch-ups. Your last visit will also consist of a deep bleaching.


Whitening with KöR can last a long time, much longer than over-the-counter whitening systems, especially if you continue with a couple more KöR Whitening treatments throughout the year. You can expect many more shades of whitening compared to results from strips. You may also want to touch up that smile once a month at home if you are a heavy red wine or tea drinker. The most common side effect of this treatment would be a bit of tooth sensitivity that should go away in a day. Dr. Solomon at Tribeca Smiles is going to be your best source if you happen to experience any rare symptoms or have any questions or concerns.

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Smile with confidence

We think it’s time you experienced the KöR Whitening System for yourself. The reason comes down to temperatures, literally. While over-the-counter systems may be less expensive, the active ingredient in them starts to break down as soon as they leave refrigeration. This is important since heat is literally the enemy of whitening gel potency. However, KöR Whitening Systems are delivered to Tribeca Smiles cold and kept that way until you need them, ensuring the highest possible degree of whitening. It’s all part of your total health experience. You’ll see how we set the bar higher on your dental health while treating you as our most important patient.

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