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From dental implants for missing teeth to oral-conscious sedation and tooth-colored fillings, you have more options than ever before to change the aesthetics and functionality of your teeth. One of the best examples of our technology services offered at Tribeca Smiles is Digital Smile Design. New York, NY general and cosmetic dentist Dr. Frederick Solomon offers the Digital Smile Design so you can take advantage of our 3D imaging equipment. This will allow you to see precisely how your teeth will look after the work is done so that you can feel more comfortable and confident going into the procedure. This leads to better results all around, improves your dental well-being, and enhances your appearance.

Best Candidates

Virtually anyone can be a candidate for Digital Smile Design. Generally, it is used prior to procedures such as applying porcelain veneers and several other cosmetic and reconstructive treatments. If you are interested in something like a smile makeover, then Digital Smile Design can be a very effective way of getting started. It combines all the various aspects of a makeover simultaneously into a photo-realistic image of your teeth after your proposed procedures are performed. Additionally, if you would like to have the opportunity to talk to your dentist beforehand to digitally fine-tune how you want your smile to look, you’d also be a candidate for Digital Smile Design. This cutting-edge suite of imaging tools will empower you to really see how a range of different options will look so your expectations can be realistically met.

What To Expect

Using Digital Smile Design, you can design your dream smile with Dr. Solomon. He is not referred to as the "Professional Smile Guy" solely for his dental cleanings! You will be able to choose the angles, lengths, widths, and colors needed for to give you a dazzling smile. As you get situated, the initial and subsequent scans will incorporate many factors into creating the best solution for you. These factors include facial and dental proportions and what kind of results will work best in relation to your gums, smile, and your facial features. This digital imaging will be taken from all angles. From there, you will work with Dr. Solomon to make sure the results fit your specifications.


There is no specific follow-up to the Digital Smile Design process since it’s noninvasive and does not involve or require a recovery period. Instead, the process enables you to visualize your issues better and strategize the best solutions with Dr. Solomon. Your follow-up appointment(s) would be whatever procedures you and Dr. Solomon have mapped out. 

Our team will follow the digital mockup created just for you, as well as impressions made from your teeth and a resin model to calculate how the treatments will best fit your teeth. Together, the follow-up procedures will allow our team at Tribeca Smiles to create a smile that best reflects your facial features.

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Share your ideas with our team and watch your smile dreams become a reality. With Digital Smile Design, everything is connected. From the moment you walk in the door, have images taken, and map out your smile with Dr. Solomon to make it come to life — it’s all one seamless journey, and it all starts here. So, make an appointment at Tribeca Smiles now for a consultation.