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Information About Cosmetic Dentistry Services

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Envision your new smile with our innovative Digital Smile Design software. This imaging software can show you varying options for your smile makeover.

Your smile makeover will be unique to your cosmetic needs as we will combine multiple treatments to address the concerns you have with your smile.

To conceal surface aesthetic problems (chips, stains, gaps, and wear) with your teeth, we may recommend cosmetic porcelain veneers for your teeth.

An oddly shaped tooth, a chipped tooth, or overlapping teeth may be improved aesthetically with enamel recontouring by a skilled cosmetic dentist.

When a dental crown is not necessary for a restoration, a dental inlay or onlay can be placed on your tooth to enhance aesthetics and functionality.

The KöR Whitening System can provide you with a deep whitening in our office and then at your home with custom dental trays for touch-up applications.

If you would like to correct the alignment of your teeth without traditional orthodontia (metal braces), we invite you to have an Invisalign consult.

Temporomandibular joint pain can be relieved with proper diagnosis plus recommended strategies like BOTOX® injections and/or oral appliance therapy.

Dr. Solomon is a provider of custom-made oral appliance therapies (OAT), also known as a night guard, for sleep apnea issues for patients who qualify.

A dental or porcelain crown will reestablish a natural-looking form and proper functionality of your teeth when you are missing one or more teeth.

Instead of crowns or bridges, Dr. Solomon can surgically place a single or multiple dental implants into the jawbone for longer-lasting restorations.

Dental bridges provide a restorative dental solution for filling in tooth gaps from missing teeth and prevent your remaining teeth from shifting.

Full-mouth reconstruction can correct genetic disorders and complex issues involving all or multiple missing teeth, a degenerated jawbone, or trauma.

At Tribeca Smiles, we pride ourselves in our root canal procedures, and want our patients to know the quality care that goes into having a root canal.

We use tooth-colored fillings or composites that will blend naturally with your teeth. We can also replace old metal fillings from previous cavities.

Bone grafting is required for patients seeking dental implants who have deficiencies in the jawbone to strengthen the site for new tooth restorations.

Periodontic treatments can help save your gums from infection, disease, bone loss, and extensive surgical treatments.

Crown lengthening can remove excess gum tissue to eliminate a "gummy smile," or prepare a tooth that needs less gum covering the surface for a crown.

All the cosmetic dentistry performed on your teeth will not look their best if the gums are receded. Gum grafting can remedy an unattractive gumline.

With a sinus lift surgery or a sinus augmentation, the sinus floor will be raised so that dental implants can be placed more effectively in the jaw.

Patients who have moderate gum disease should consider having scaling and root planing treatments before it enters into a severe stage of gum disease.

Our dental examinations will include digital x-rays and periodontal disease/cancer screenings for abnormalities within the soft tissues of your mouth.

Dr. Solomon believes good oral hygiene with routine cleanings and checkups at any age (over two years) are important to a patient's overall health.

Emergency care at our dental office includes extended office hours and weekends to ensure a broken tooth will be taken care of before Monday morning.

A local anesthetic will put a patient at ease while we remove a single tooth or teeth causing discomfort or disruption in the alignment of the smile.

Nitrous oxide sedation is known to relax a patient (with a mild dental anxiety) by inhaling the gas through a mask without putting him/her to sleep.